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Don't Everybody Look at Me

So, an entry today on a personal note, my pretties:

What do you do when you see two people who love each other (and two people that you love) annihilating each other? I'm looking for answers, here, people. Its like...all of us can't all be happy at one time. As any of you who read my blogs know, or, I'm sure, as anyone who reads my books can tell, my friends are my family. They call my parents Mom and Dad.  Some of them, like sixie_online and m_m_w_lit I've known so long that I literally cannot remember life without them. I even share a house with sixie_online and english_chuck . They mean everything to me. Without them I would literally be lost in the woods somewhere without a compass and trying to read a map more than likely upside down.

And I've...had a run of good luck lately.  Better than good luck. Its like they always say, the night is always darkest just before dawn. I was at the darkest point in my life that I'd ever been at, and then I met very_noir and...I can see the sun again. I am so thankful for the place I'm at in my life right now...we've had some bumps along the road, but...

And I want that for all of my friends. I want the two in question to feel what I feel. I know they did once, now I'm asking myself, "How can two people who love each other so much hurt each other so carelessly?"