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New York, New York, pt. 2

NY, NY post number two!

Our bus ride to New York was rather uneventful (though it was fun to sit there and snicker while I watched my parents, CMO and Captain of Bus #2, joining the other chaperones in the "Epic hunt for contraband" -- meaning I sat and laughed while they rooted through my classmates' luggage looking for drugs or alcohol and such. They probably should have checked the adults' suitcases, too...I think some of the chaperones were half-drunk the whole trip. Maybe somebody hid vodka in a shampoo bottle or something), unless you count Riley snoring TOTALLY loud the whole way there and me dousing Marissa with Sprite (I still feel bad! Sorry chica!). Well, and, of course, Dad almost falling out of his seat everytime we made a left turn because his seat didn't (appear to) have an outer arm rest. And the, well, interesting results of:

1) Not really being able to sleep on a freaking charter bus. First rest area we stop at, I go up to our choir director and ask:
"How much longer do we have to go, Mr. K?"
His answer: "I dunno. We have to go back to my house first."
Yes. Our choir director had sleep-rest-area'd. Like sleep walking. Only involving a rest area.

2) burritos at four in the morning from a Taco Bell that is part of another rest area


3) Mr. K wiping out the second we stepped off the bus on Broadway. In the pouring rain.

Marissa, Ri and I slept through our first foray into the city, actually...we snored our way through the infamous Lincoln tunnel. But, we stepped out into the rain on Broadway and had our very first NY breakfast at Planet Hollywood in Times Square (Where we would later eat our last dinner in the city of the trip)...some pics from there!

(Belle's infamous blue dress from the Broadway production, worn by Susan Egen on opening night of the Original Broadway production, 03/09/94)

(Belle's even more infamous gold gown, likewise from the opening night of the Original Broadway production. Marissa and I literally screamed when we saw this. I mean, SCREAMED. Riley claims he's still deaf in his right ear.)

(The rose and other miscellenia)

("Show me the Beast!" Belle's magic mirror)